Life, Health &
Disability Insurance

DAVID CHAPMAN AGENCEY Provide Life Insurance & Annuities, Simplify HR and Benefit Administration , Individual Family Medical Insurance and Medicare Coverage, Travel Insurance and Disability Insurance

Life, Health, Disability Insurance

Life Insurance & Annuities:

Have you considered an annuity for your Individual Retirement Account or as a safe investment for children’s education and other future needs?

If you are getting ready to retire an annuity can provide you with a guaranteed monthly payment for as long as you live!  

Disability Insurance:

If you get sick or injured and cannot work your medical insurance will pay the doctors and pharmacy, but who will pay you?  Ask us about disability income insurance to provide cash to pay your bills when you can’t work.

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Travel Insurance:

Planning a trip? Get peace of mind with a travel insurance policy.

Employee Benefits:

Employers looking for help with your benefit plans

Employees with questions about your insurance

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Individual Family Medical Insurance and Medicare Coverage:

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Simplify HR and Benefit Administration

We will provide our group health clients with our Employee Navigator software free of charge.  For a small labor fee we will even input all your data and updates for you.  It saves you time and headaches.  Watch the video below.